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s'teL kcor!

Hello, and welcome to double_r_cafe: a community by fans and for fans of "Twin Peaks".

This is where pies go when they die.

I'm the (in)famous poster of Fandom!Secrets Secret #31, but you probably know that by now (I probably spoke to you that day, even).

In a fit of fandom communality, after having realized that, yes, there is a fandom--or, rather, fans without a dom--I created this community for the "Twin Peaks" fans and fandom.

Let there be icons, let there be fanfiction, let there be discussions, let there be piecing out of obscure symbolism, let there be theories, let there be backwards talk, let there even be shipping (I know you're out there).

Do not let there be wank, please.

As someone pointed out in the midst of fandomsecrets, a "Twin Peaks" community like this could be either fantastic and irreverent...or nasty and wank-filled.

I am, as ever, hoping for the former.

Wit, irreverence, lulz, crack, enjoyment, fangirling, whathaveyou--bring them.

By fans, for fans.

By fans, for fans, because we love, admire, obsess about this show.

Neither all "srs bzns" nor all "crack".

I'm sure it's clear that this community is still under development and construction: I'm getting all the interests entered and the bio coded, the layout could use some love--so suggestions are welcomed, even desired.

To set the tenor (I hope) for this community, I give you all the Georgia Coffee commercial made by the cast for broadcast in Japan.

Damn fine coffee, indeed.
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