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The Rules

Obligatory, basic, usual--

The Rules

1. Etiquette, etiqutte, etiquette. The fans of this series, as a whole, seem a remarkably intelligent lot. Let's keep that up, even if it's a facade, if we can. This means dousing the flames, and keeping the trolls under their bridges. Disliking and disagreeing are fine (we all do it), but bashing, flaming, trolling, arguing, whatever else you might call it, are not so damn fine.

2. Long posts, long fanfiction (over 300 words), large or multiple images, icon batches, NSFW content (whut?), &c. will please to be placed behind a Livejournal cut. Teasers are okay, write-ups and summaries are okay, single pictures and short drabbles are okay. *Also, although the series has long been concluded, be aware that there are new fans who have not yet seen the ending--please don't spoil it for them, and consider placing spoiler material behind a cut, and please fangirl with them as the weird bits come to light for them for the first time.

3. Entry tags are good. Tags are almost as good as Livejournal cuts, actually. If possible, please add tags to your posts in this community. If you're posting some fanfiction, you can just tag it as "fanfiction", or icons as "icons". You can tag it as "fanfiction" and the title and the characters, if you like. Be simple, be elaborate, but I sincerely advocate the use of tags. No biggie if you don't, but it makes things so much simpler to find. Also, icons are hard to come by in this fandom: it would be more than considerate if we could make them easy to find here.

4. Pimping, promoting, and advertising are all well and good--within reason. Pimp this community all you like, but don't break the "no advertising" rules of other communities, please. Likewise, don't spam this community with ads for unrelated communities. Share links, mention things now and then, but I hope we won't end up as one big stack of adverts. Staying, you know, basically on topic is appreciated. We're obsessed: bear with us and our one-track minds. "Twin Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaks"!

4. Owls. Not what they seem.

I'm not God, I'm not BOB, I'm not a BNF nor the be-all and end-all of this fandom, but I am the maintainer of this particular community. I'm going to try and do my best with it--I'm a fan too. And please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a question, problem, solution, or suggestion.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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