TITLE: My Hungry Heart
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan 
DISTRIBUTION: My site, my Yahoo Group, my ProBoard, my Network54, FanFiction.net and my LiveJournal. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters. They are owned by David Lynch, Mark Frost, ABC. No profit is made from this fic.
SPOILERS: General Twin Peaks spoilers. This is set post-series.
SUMMARY: Can Shelly let Gordon in? Is Gordon prepared for what being involved with Shelly might entail?
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Shelly Johnson & Gordon Cole with some Audrey Horne & Dale Cooper implied
DATE STARTED: November 2008
STATUS: Complete
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: This is independent of my series of standalones featuring Shelly & Gordon. We're pretending all's right in the world when it comes to Dale Cooper.
NOTES 2: I think this is going to be another couple much like another one I write that may take me a while to get them to a FRM/FRAO point. Where I've been writing them I just think it's too soon, but I'm enjoying exploring Shelly and her reactions to meeting a good guy.

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